General information

The New and Improved 2023 Jazz Festival

Once again, like we do every year, we will meet in the open air of the Israel Museum, for three nights of great and inspirational international and local music.
So, what do we have for you this year??

On Tuesday, opening night, we’ll embark on a journey to the reals of Jazz and on to Africa…
Under the stars, on the Crown stage overlooking the city, we will enjoy four extraordinary performances from Mali, the Sahara, New York, and Israel.
On Wednesday and Thursday, we’ll open all doors to the museum for a wandering tour of 6 stages and galleries, as well as the sculpture garden, bringing together artists and art from all over the globe.

Our guests will receive a daily map showing and detailing the stages’ locations around the arts garden and museum galleries.
You will also find large announcement boards of the festival itinerary throughout the museum. Additionally, there will be signs directing to the stages, complexes, and Floating Voices, as well as clear signs to the toilets, entrance/exits, disability routes and more.

There are seating arrangements in front of the official stages (Crown, Upside-down Tree, Israeli, Impressionist and Cardo). The crowd also has a fun lazing-around complex, food and beverages by Meshek Afa’aim, next to the Crown area and at the Cardo area.

Box offices open at 18:00
Gates open and music at 18:30
Buy tickets right here
Information about tickets, benefits, and packages here
For inquiries, you can contact the email: info@israrel-festival.org.il or chat on the festival website
Schedule information by phone: Sun-Thu, 10:00-16:00 | 972-2-5631544

Where is the festival?

Israel Museum – Sderot Rupin 11 Kariya, Jerusalem / Navigation link.
Jam in the middle of the festival, in a yellow submarine – 13 Hakakim St., Jerusalem / Link to navigation.
For those coming to the jam – a shuttle will be at your disposal (Wednesday): 23:15 from the museum entrance plaza.
The end of the festival party, FeelBeit – Naomi 4, Jerusalem (next to the Yes Planet complex) / link for navigation.
For those coming to the party – a shuttle will be available to you after the festival (Thursday): 23:15 from the museum entrance plaza.

And of course

There is a merchandise store waiting for you at the festival, offering albums by the performers and a selection of our accessories, as well as a rare record store, from Jazz to every other genre.

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