Accessibility Statement

Updated SEP 30th 2020

This website commits to supplying accessible content that adheres to the Equal Rights For Persons With Disabilities Act  (2013).
We at the Israel Festival are constantly at work improving and implementing web accessibility to the best extent we can, in accordance with the principles of online accessibility standards.
Our establishment strives to maintain an equal-opportunity space online for disabled persons and those using computer-assistive technology.
Our website is compliant with Israeli standard 5568, meets a AA level according to WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidlines) 2.0, and has been adapted to work with all leading web browsers.

Browsing our site

This site has been adapted for full keyboard compatibility.
Use the TAB key to move between items on our page, and ENTER to select them. In order to move back to previous items, press SHIFT+TAB.
This site has also been adapted to work with the NVDA Screen Reader. Upon entry, you can skip right to the content area by pressing ALT+Z, or the ENTER key.

!Having Trouble? Let Us Know

We put in constant effort to improve web accessibility as part of our commitment to the public and to persons with disabilities. In any case of questions regarding accessibility or difficulties browsing our site, don’t hesitate to contact our accessibility coordinator Merav Kedar by phone at 02-5631544, or via email at

In order for us to solve your problem at the highest level of efficiency, please provide as much information as possible:

  • A detailed description of the issue
    Your browser type and version.
  • Your computer’s operating system.
  • Your computer’s operating system.
  • Details of assistive technology used (if any).
  • A link to the page you had trouble with.
  • A description of the action you were unable to perform

We will quickly address any issues presented, and contact you with updates on the problem’s status.

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