About us

Founded in 2015, the International Jerusalem Jazz Festival is one of Israel’s most beloved musical event.  
Taking place in the splendid art galleries and inspiring sculpture garden of the Israel Museum, the festival features the world and Israel’s leading Jazz artists, presenting original productions, premieres, global-local collaborations,  pop-up improvisations and artist talks.  
Under the artistic direction of world-renowned trumpeter Avishai Cohen, the artistic program reflects the whole gamut of contemporary jazz, from supersonic and free jazz, through big band arrangements to video-live, hip hop and groove.  

Adapting and responding to the unique artistic set up, the festival performances creates a three-way dialogue between music, art and the festival goers.
Indeed, the extraordinary encounter between music and art is the festival’s signature from day one and the central pillar of its artistic vision. 

The International Jerusalem Jazz Festival is a production of the Israel Festival, Israel’s leading cross disciplinary cultural event, now in its 61st year.  
The Festival is supported by the Cultural Ministry, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Foundation.
The 9th Jerusalem Jazz Festival will take place June 27-29, 2023.

Statement by the Art Director

Embarking on a journey called the Jazz Festival is challenging, interesting and different every year.
Every year the festival is new, the idea of what jazz is and what jazz can be changes constantly, every day, and over the years.
As in every year, what’s important for me is the creation of texture, variety, the jazz puzzle, and at the same time – the essence of the festival, its heartbeat, that is:
Freedom, creativity, improvisation and daring at the center of performances, each and every one of the artists at the festival helping expand the boundaries of the genre and deepening the search for the road not taken.

Avishai Cohen, Art Director

Jazz Festival Team

Eyal Sher, Director | Avishai Cohen, Artistic Director | Hadas Vanunu, Chief Producer | Hadas Vanunu, Itamar Bernstein – artistic team |  Itamar Bernstein, Content Production | Gideon Berger, Seals and business development | Saar Gamzu, Communication director | Odelia Ratzabi, Executive Producer | Ram Wise, Production Coordinator | Dina Ashkenazi, Account Manager |  Liora Mesilati, Marketing & Sales | Shira Vanunu, Hospitality team | Omer Tzur, Head of Productions and Events Department, Israel Museum |  Yuval Hermoni, Technical Director | Tamir Tubul, Stage lightning design

PR – MonocraveOrly Nekler, Dana Segal
Graphic design & branding – TALOOSH -Tal Fogel
Website – R2K – Rotem Tal, Khalil Jarban
Social Media & Digital   Modus
Content Writing – Gil Ruvio
English Translation – Michaeli Translations
Tickets – Eventer

Board Members:
Board Members: Adv. Inbar Nacht, Chairwoman | | Adv. Imry Ben-Ami | Tamar Berliner | Adv. Gil Brandes | Orly Doron | Mishael Vaknin | Anat Turbowicz | Dr. Tal Kohavi | Yossi Lubaton | Idit amichai | Hedai Ofaimme | Adv. Iris Papu | Adv. Asi Sharib
Observer: Anat Gilead
Audit Committee:  Prof. Leah Achdut | Adv. Ruth Horn

Accountant office: Avraham Bachar and Co | Internal Auditor: Accountant MIchael Gal | Legal advice: Adv. Tamar Fierberg

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