The Israel Festival is proud to present the fifth Jerusalem International Jazz Festival.
Over three days in December, highly-acclaimed international and Israeli musicians come together in the art galleries at the Israel Museum creating a unique encounter between music and art.

The festival, under the artistic direction of international artist Avishai Cohen, hosts unique original shows, a singular lineup of guest artists, surprising pop-up solos, masterclasses, late night jam sessions, students’ platform, and more – offering an opportunity for one-off encounters with unique, original and inspiring artists working all over the world.

The Jerusalem Jazz Festival is a flagship project of the Israel Festival, in collaboration with Yellow Submarine and the Israel Museum, and with the support of the Jerusalem Foundation, the jerusalem municipality and the Ministry of Culture and Sport.

Come see the voices and choose listening and viewing paths in a festival that offers a unique and inspiring artistic experience.

Photo © by Sarale Gur Lavy

Dear friends,

Another year has passed, and we are once again at the Jerusalem Jazz Festival, now already in its fifth year. We are excited for the renewed encounter between the sounds and voices from Israel and all over the world and the captivating art in the galleries of the Israel Museum. From Reunion in the Indian Ocean, through Ethiopia and China, to the US, England, Sweden, Turkey and of course Israel, the 2019 Jazz Festival continues to roam fascinating distant and unfamiliar realms, explore new trends, and revel in one-off pairings, special original shows, solo pop ups, artist workshops , nocturnal jam sessions, student stage and more.

Our deepest thank you goes to the Jerusalem Foundation for supporting and accompanying the festival from its inception.
Thank you to the Cultural Administration and the Jerusalem Municipality.
Thank you to our collaborators and partners, the Yellow Submarine.
Thank you to the Israel Museum for the warm house
Thank you to all the participating musicians.
Thank you to the best team in the world.
And thank you, dear audience, we wish you a wonderful experience.

Eyal Sher, Executive director
Avishai Cohen, Artistic director
Hadas Vanunu, Producer

Dear guests,

The Jerusalem Foundation has been a proud supporter of the Jerusalem Jazz Festival since its inception five years ago by the Israel Festival in collaboration with the Yellow Submarine and the Israel Museum. 
Visiting the festival for the first time last year, and admittedly not a hardcore Jazz fan myself, I was so inspired by the blending of the music, the art and the hundreds of people of all ages and backgrounds who filled the museum until late at night – so much so  that I immediately put down the date of the 2019 festival in my calendar.  And now it finally arrived!
This year, the Jerusalem Foundation further strengthens the Festival by supporting the Student Stages featuring our finest emerging talents, and by subsidizing a special student all-day pass.   Committed to bolstering the student population in Jerusalem on one hand, and the cultural activities in the city on the other, when we get to connect the two, our success increases exponentially.
It gives me great pleasure to accompany this collaboration between three of Jerusalem’s most celebrated and beloved cultural organizations, in hope that this wonderful model will be embraced by others to launch other exciting events.
look forward to once again lose myself amongst the Festival goers from throughout Israel and beyond as we rejoice in Jerusalem diverse sounds from far and near.

Shai Doron
President of the Jerusalem Foundation

Jazz Festival team

Eyal Sher – Director, Avishai Cohen – Artistic Director, Hadas Vanunu – Chief Producer, Adi Sheffi – Marketing Director, Merav Kedar – Marketing and Sales, Noa Melamed-Vazana  – Content Production, Itamar Bernstein –  Content Production,
Yael Hershkovitch – Production Coordinator, Odelia Ratzabi – Executive Producer,  Aviva Nir-Giladi – Executive Assistant to the Director, Dina Ashkenazi – Account Manager, Neta Cohen – Head of Productions and Events Department, Israel Museum, Omer Tzur – Deputy Head of Events, Israel Museum, Acha Bar – General Director, The Yellow Submarine, Yaron Mohar – Director, The Yellow Submarine,  Yuval Hevroni – Technical Director, Technical Production – The Yellow Submarine

Monocrave – Public Relations, Sofia Nimelstein – PR & Consulting, Bluecollar – graphic design and branding, RSVP studio – Web Design, 6degs  – Social Media & Digital,
Ido Cohen– Directing and editing video clip, Gal Kusturica – Language Editor,
Maya shimony – English Translation, Eventer – Tickets

Board Members:
Dan Halperin, chairman; Idit Amichay, Yehezkel Beinish, Yitzhak Ben-Nissim, Yoram Braverman, Nili Cohen, Orly Doron, Hanna Hertzman, Jonathan Livni, Ziv Nevo Kulman, Ruta Peled, Barry Swersky, Anat Tzur, Micha Yinon

Audit Committee:  Prof. Leah Achdut, Adv. Ruth Horn

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