LBT is a super-group comprised of the finest musicians in the Beat / Hip Hop / Jazz scene. In this age, when we hear the word ‘beat’, we immediately think of a repetitive digital rhythm. While digital beats have earned their respect in the Hip Hop kingdom, the talented bunch known as LBT (Live Beat Tape) have set their collective sight on creating live, lively beats with full instrumentation. Each and every member of the group is a virtuoso in their respective realms, but their combined force creates a complete, solid experience – making the encounter fertile ground for fresh sound and creativity. Soaked in warm, analog sounds and limitless imagination, this ensemble can take the spiciest texts and deliver them to listeners on floating wings of warm groove and touching soul. LBT, born from local label Raw Tapes, come together in the museum to share a performance that leaves you with a unique, rare experience – full of groove, depth, warm sounds and raw lyrics – in an exceptional event on this exceptional year.

Thursday Line up:
20:00-20:35  Family – Temporary Name: Connections: Eviatar Banai
20:35-20:50 Mirage: Eden Ladin
20:55-21:10 A Serenade for the Dark Matter: Hagai Fershtman & Gershon Waiserfirer
21:15-21:50 LBT
21:55-22:10 Tom Oren & Erez Tuders
22:15-22:50 Then I was amazed: Victoria Hanna and Omri Mor
23:05-23:20  Family – Temporary Name: That’s Two – the Pesach family meets the Horowitz family
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