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Israel’s premiere multi-disciplinary international cultural event, the Israel Festival takes place annually in Jerusalem in the spring, presenting outstanding theatre performances, contemporary dance, music, performance and installations from around the world, along with ground breaking Israeli works and open to the public street performances. The Israel Festival artistic lineup focuses on artists that explore their medium and create original, new stage languages. We encourage you to review the festival previous programs and only submit projects that fall within these distinct parameters.

The Israel Festival 2020 edition will take place on June 4-20

Guidelines for submitting application:
* The presentation must be an Israeli Premiere.
* The project must be in advance development stages (enough to mount a presentation) with a solid significant production infrastructure and substantial independent budget resources.
* Three full-length productions experience is a prerequisite.

Public Space Focus 2020:
* This year we wish to extensively examine proposals that seek to create a connection between performance and Jerusalem’s public space.
* The proposed performances should fit, in terms of technical production take into consideration the technical aspects of working in the public space, and be open to the public.
* Please include optional sites for the proposed presentation.
* In this spirit, we encourage you to think about site-specific projects.

The festival will receive applications until September 30 and no later than this.
Answers will be given no later than December 31.

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