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  • Photo By Dudu Bachar
    29.11 19:00

    Roee Ben Sira Trio

     Roee Ben Sira Trio — Roee Ben Sira (piano), Guy Levi (upright bass), and Ben Eilon (percussion) — offers moving melodies, rich harmonies, and catchy rhythms.

  • קרן אן צלם עמית ישראלי)._550x285
    29.11 19:30 | 1.12 14:15

    Keren Ann & "Non Standards"  

    After great international success and collaborations with musicians such as Iggy Pop and KT Tunstall, Keren Ann will be giving two performances with the Non Standards Project

  • צילום: רביב פליקס
    29.11 20:00

    The Danny Rosenfeld Quintet

    Trumpeter Danny Rosenfeld is back with a new and dynamic acoustic quartet. The band will play hits, especially swing, from the golden age of American popular music, while staying faithful to the original melodies

  • Photo by anastasya romanovsky
    29.11 20:15 | 29.11 22:15

    ART/BEAT - Aquifer by Tomer Baruch

    Tomer Baruch (Crunch 22) is a multi-disciplinary pianist and musician living in The Netherlands. In his new solo performance, he samples and arranges various toys and keyboards, moving between the naïve and the abstract and creating tones that are futuristic and yet familiar

  • Daniel Freedman. Photo: Justin Lane
    29.11 20:30 | 1.12 12:00

    The Daniel Freedman Quartet

    After studying with masters such as Max Roach and Billy Higgins, as well as masters in Africa and Cuba, Daniel Freedman has become well known as one of the most eclectic and captivating drummers in the world

  • c-Nadia-F.-Romanini
    29.11 21:00 | 30.11 19:00

    Moderato Cantabile

    German cellist Anja Lechner and the French pianist François Couturier's music crosses boundaries, with arrangements of works by G. I. Gurdjieff, Federico Mompou, and Anouar Brahem, as well as works by Couturier himself

  • Photo by Josh Goleman
    29.11 21:45


    The Bad Plus’s live performances are addictive, with the pure enjoyment that comes from watching talented musicians play their complex works with skill and stirring energy

  • צילום: אלכס אפט
    29.11 22:00

    Noa Drezner Hosts Rafael de Utrera

    The intriguing musical encounter between Rafael de Utrera (vocals) and Noa Drezner (guitar) will transport you to a world of flamenco that you have never encountered

  • Photo by Andrew James
    29.11 22:30 | 30.11 19:30

    Roman Diaz & Agolona

    Since the 1980s, from the streets of Havana, through secret, mystical texts to world music to the jazz clubs of New York, percussionist Roman Diaz has brought the rumba into our lives and become an unquestioned authority on Afro-Cuban music

  • צילום: נירן תורג'מן
    30.11 20:00

    The Elon Turgeman Quartet & Adam Nussbaum

    Brilliant guitarist Elon Turgeman, a jazz pioneer and drummer Adam Nussbaum (USA), a living legend will play songs from “Climb Up” and dazzle us with their melodies and improvisations

  • צילום נמרוד רותם
    30.11 20:15 | 30.11 22:15


    Yuval “Rejoicer” Havkin and Jonathan “Shuz In” Lewin are the masked electronic-jazz duo Playdead. They unravel the boundaries of the existing, turning it into a kind of extraordinary parallel reality created by psychedelic electronic music with influences from jazz

  • Photo by Jacky Cellier
    30.11 20:30 | 1.12 13:00


    In one bowl, combine extraordinary talent, tremendous musical knowledge, and cool, refreshing groove. Mix well. The result: Papanosh, a French jazz ensemble that combines improvisation with contemporary groove and classical elements

  • Photo by Holz  Wasser
    30.11 21:00

    ORI (Ori Alboher)

    . Ori makes music in every sense of the word: he creates the beats and the special sounds, does the sampling, records, and listens, letting himself be swept away on an endless wave of music that is his inner essence

  • Sexmob. Photos-by-Greg-Aiello
    30.11 21:45 | 1.12 15:00


    Sexmob’s members among the pioneers who combined contemporary pop and rock standards with an avant-garde approach. The result is a cool, funky sound that winks at different styles and honors traditional jazz

  • Photo by Wyatt Counts
    30.11 22:00 | 1.12 12:00

    Greg Tardy & the Mizrach Trio

    Legendary saxophonist Greg Tardy will be playing at the Festival with an Israeli trio — Eden Ladin on piano, Gilad Avro on bass, and Shai Zalman on drums — in a show that will be brimming with soul

  • צילום גאיה סעדון
    30.11 22:30

    Time Grove

    Time Grove’s performance is a roller coaster of folk, jazz, and melodies that reach deep inside us, showing us that the sky is not the limit, but the beginning

  • imagesסטודנטים
    1.12 11:20

    The Festival Academy

    This year, as every year, the Festival honors the future generation, which is actually the generation of the present, as students from Israel’s leading music schools participate in the Jerusalem Jazz Festival

  • Sirena vs. Rula
    1.12 12:30

    ART / BEAT - Sirena vs. Rula

    Sirena, a unique instrument with the neck of an oud and the body of an electric guitar, built by composer and oud player Eran Zamir, gives us fresh, free Middle Eastern electronica

  • PR1
    1.12 13:30

    The Yogev Shetrit Trio

    The cool, rhythmic wonder who goes by the name Yogev Shetrit — the man and the drums — comes to us straight from a tour of jazz festivals in India and Guatemala as well as the Kazakhstan Astana Expo 2017 in, where he appeared with his new trio

  • Photo by Eric Ryan Anderson
    1.12 14:30

    Gilad Hekselman

    The “guitar hero” of New York’s jazz scene will play original music and covers of American and Israeli pop and rock songs, improvising everything but the set list,

  • קולות צפים
    לאורך הפסטיבל

    Floating Sounds

    Lose yourself in the winding halls of the museum and wander to its mysterious hidden corners to discover pop up musical bits that take shape in a moment, and for the moment

  • גאמים
    29.11 23:30 | 30.11 23:30

    Jam Session

    On Wednesday and Thursday nights, beginning at 11:30 and lasting till morning, the Festival will continue at the Yellow Submarine with jam sessions where anything can happen