Zohar Fresco Quartet

heartIsraelZohar Fresco Quartet: Zohar Fresco, Mark Moshayev, Sarel Hacohen, Madhav Haridas

The internationally renowned percussionist and master of Asian and Mediterranean rhythm arrives at the Jazz festival with an intimate quartet performance.
Fresco is known worldwide for his skills on frame drums, specifically the ancient tambourine – whose middle eastern origin, sound and cultural heritage comes alive in Fresco’s music. Over an extensive career, Fresco has developed special frame drum playing techniques, that are now taught all over the world. In this show, Fresco’s hypnotizing beat ties together the trills of the Turkish Qanun with the curved melodies of the Bansuri (an Indian flute). Together they form a new-yet-familiar sound, that seems to have always been here.

Wednesday Line up:
20:00-20:35 Family – Temporary Name: Rona Keinan – A tribute to four spiritual mothers
20:40-21:00 Roni Eytan Quartet
21:05-21:40 GTO Trio
21:45-22:00 Zohar Fresco
22:05-22:40 Doron Talmon (Jane Bordeaux) & The Non-Standards Project
22:45-23:00 Family – Temporary Name: The Doari family meets the Wertheim family
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