Family – Working Title

heartIsraelCo-production of the Israel Festival and the Jerusalem Jazz Festival

A series of events created in cooperation between the Israel Festival and the International Jazz Festival, directed by the joint effort of Jazz festival director Avishai Cohen and musician / producer Tamir Muskat.

Not long ago, under lockdown, each one of us retired to their own four walls, and into the arms of our most nuclear forums – partners, flatmates, pets, spouses, children, siblings. Each one and their family.

During that period we went through so much – shared experiences, grew bored, got angry, yelled, got fed up, made others fed up with us, loved a whole lot – in such a short yet meaningful time.

It is from within that state of mind that we decided to study the delicate yet wild world of family dynamics.

We chose to go off on a journey, traveling between different boiling points that close proximity brings to families – to test how it impacts and activates those individuals it is comprised of. Especially those ones who’s hearts are most temperamental – Artists.

“Family – Working Title” brings together two families – the Israel Festival and Jazz Festival clans.

“Life is a lot like Jazz,” said composer George Gershwin, “-it’s best when you improvise”.

Our new reality has forced us to improvise, and there is nothing Jazz musicians do better. As a matter of fact, this has been an opportunity for us- to make a dream come true, to combine our creative forces and values into one common event. Or rather, a series of events.

We invited musician and musical producer Tamir Muskat to join us on this adventure, and have since arranged an artistic series centered around family encounters, within and between different families.

A selection of musical families – some biologically and others spiritually related – will come together atop 3 stages in the Jerusalem sculpture garden, serving up performances created especially for this project.

Family tales will weave their way into the program, realized and expressed in text, music and motion, as well as between songs. Together we will head out on a set of musical voyages to meet that families of prominent musicians.


Family – Working Title – Schedule

Tuesday Sep. 8th 2020
8:00 PM Dudu Tassa & The Al-Kuwaity Sisters.
10:45 PM Netta, Zohar & Ron Barzilai in a family performance.

Wednesday Sep. 9th 2020
8:00 PM Rona Kenan – A Tribute to Four Spiritual Mothers. Special Guests: Ester Rada & Hila Ruach.
10:45 PM The Doari family meets the Wertheim (Vertigo) sisters. A fascinating biography recounted in voice and movement.

Thursday Sep. 10th 2020
8:00 PM Eviatar Banai – Connections. Between Daniel’s vision and couple’s love – We join a musical voyage containing a personal interpretation of Daniel’s vision, from primal fears hidden within us, to the healing power of love that rises from behind a broken heat.
11:05 PM The Remangar family (Keren & Avner Pesach) meet the Horwitz family (Yael & Eran). Two pairs with deep ties to Flamenco culture come together in a striking, energetic encounter of the interior and exterior; between body and home.

Tuesday Line up:
20:00-20:35 Family – Temporary Name: Dudu Tassa & The Al-Kuwaitis Sisters
20:40-21:00 Dan Mayo featuring Avishai Cohen
21:05-21:40 Tribute to Amit Golan
21:45-22:00 Duo Brothers
22:05-22:40 Alon Lotringer featuring Luna Abu Nassar
22:45-23:00 Family – Temporary Name: Netta, Zohar, and Ron Barzilai – A family show
Wednesday Line up:
20:00-20:35 Family – Temporary Name: Rona Keinan – A tribute to four spiritual mothers
20:40-21:00 Roni Eytan Quartet
21:05-21:40 GTO Trio
21:45-22:00 Zohar Fresco
22:05-22:40 Doron Talmon (Jane Bordeaux) & The Non-Standards Project
22:45-23:00 Family – Temporary Name: The Doari family meets the Wertheim family
Thursday Line up:
20:00-20:35  Family – Temporary Name: Connections: Eviatar Banai
20:35-20:50 Mirage: Eden Ladin
20:55-21:10 A Serenade for the Dark Matter: Hagai Fershtman & Gershon Waiserfirer
21:15-21:50 LBT
21:55-22:10 Tom Oren & Erez Tuders
22:15-22:50 Then I was amazed: Victoria Hanna and Omri Mor
23:05-23:20  Family – Temporary Name: That’s Two – the Pesach family meets the Horowitz family

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