Duo Brothers

heartIsraelDuo Brothers: Yonatan Levi, Aviv Cohen (Sol Monk), Elyasaf Bashari, Shaul Eshet

The Jazz festival is proud to host a brand new, fresh-out-of-the-oven group, born from a collaboration of some heavy hitters from the local music scene, that have yet to work together in this lineup. When drummer Sol Monk (Aviv Cohen) and guitarist Yonatan Levi recently met up, they took a joint dive into an airy, chill sound, connecting on common grounds of groove. With the warm tones of bassist Elyasaf Bashari and Shaul Eshet’s precise keyboard work, the group builds layers of sound that engulf listeners in depth while maintaining simplicity. To date, the duo has released a series of videos shot during the COVID-19 period, and we are delighted to be holding their first live audience performance. Between the realms of Jazz, R&B, and Psychedelia, this newly founded group has discovered meditation in groove, and reveals the perfect sound for gallery diving.

Tuesday Line up:
20:00-20:35 Family – Temporary Name: Dudu Tassa & The Al-Kuwaitis Sisters
20:40-21:00 Dan Mayo featuring Avishai Cohen
21:05-21:40 Tribute to Amit Golan
21:45-22:00 Duo Brothers
22:05-22:40 Alon Lotringer featuring Luna Abu Nassar
22:45-23:00 Family – Temporary Name: Netta, Zohar, and Ron Barzilai – A family show

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