Dan Mayo featuring Avishai Cohen

heartIsraelDan Mayo | Avishai Cohen

Mayo is an international producer and drummer with a unique and fresh sound that has earned him recognition around the globe despite his young age. Alongside his work with successful trio TATRAN, Mayo has formed several interesting new collaborations, consistently innovating and pushing the limits of the drum kit as we know it. Over these last few years, Mayo has gone viral all over the world after being named one of ten top new drummers by lucrative magazine MusicRadar, calling him the ‘hottest new talent’ – and granting him the top spot on the list, thanks to his fans all over.
Mayo plays the drums as one plays a game, casting total freedom into each and every drum hit. He is a true master of fluidity and the fourth dimension – time. Time is everything.
This wild celebration of the relativity theory will be joined by no other than Avishai Cohen – the master trumpeter and artistic director of the Jazz Festival. Together the two will explore the relative relations of trumpet and drums.

Tuesday Line up:
20:00-20:35 Family – Temporary Name: Dudu Tassa & The Al-Kuwaitis Sisters
20:40-21:00 Dan Mayo featuring Avishai Cohen
21:05-21:40 Tribute to Amit Golan
21:45-22:00 Duo Brothers
22:05-22:40 Alon Lotringer featuring Luna Abu Nassar
22:45-23:00 Family – Temporary Name: Netta, Zohar, and Ron Barzilai – A family show
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